Meet Lui


Lui joined the A1 Kiwi Cutters team in April 2014 and his favourite piece of equipment to date is his floor saw.  However, with a wealth of experience ranging from expansion cutting, demolition cutting, drilling, floor grinding, block wall grinding, block and paver laying……the list goes on, Lui is your Man.  In fact, the driving force behind becoming a concrete cutter was to become ‘The Man’!

The most memorable job to date that Lui has worked on was the Vero building job where he and the team were cutting an expansive opening to fit a stairwell.   Not only was this job memorable due to seeing his bosses Penny and Janine doing the dirty and mucky jobs of slurry control, it was the first time in Lui’s career that he had the privilege of working alongside an inspirational leader and owner of the company - the Late Mark Simons.  It is this strength of comradeship and unity of hard work and commitment that keeps Lui working hard, helping to build up more success within the business.  When asked what was one of the things he liked about working at A1 Kiwi cutters, he replied ‘They always listen to my opinion and concerns – they treat me like a family member’  

On a personal level, Lui is a true family man. He has many hobbies and interests, which include going to church, travelling (when he gets a day off) cooking with the family, playing Volley ball and listening to music.