A1 Kiwi Cutters offers specialist re-bar detection service; this service is a non-destructive structural analysis to find locations of rebar or hollow cores in concrete. A1 Kiwi can provide full reports to building owners and engineers to show location of rebar, size, cover and spacing’s. Alternatively, we can mark the re-bar on the concrete to assist with concrete cutting and drilling. 

Our Scanners

Hilti Ps200 - Ferroscanner
Used to detect rebar, give cover on rebar, and approx. Rebar size.

Hilti Ps1000 - Xscan
Used to detect rebar and electrical conduits and can produce detailed images which are sent to you in a detailed report. This machine has a maximum depth of 300mm.

Hilti Ps50 – Multidetector
Use for detecting metal, wood or plastic objects and electrical conduits to depths up to 100mm.

Hilti Px10 – Transpointer
Can be used to accurately transpose marks up to 1200mm apart.