Core drilling

Core drilling is favoured by many contractors due to its reduced vibration and noise levels meaning work can be carried out with very little inconvenience to others in the environment (Offices, Hospitals, Airports or Domestic Properties).

The work can be carried out wet or dry therefore making it a fast and clean method of creating a perfectly formed hole ranging in size from 6mm up to 900mm in diameter.

The holes are drilled to your requirements, plus another financial benefit is that the labour required to carry out any making good is vastly reduced, as the structural integrity of the building/structure remains virtually untouched.

Core drilling is carried out using either electric motors or hydraulic equipment. Both types of equipment can be fully self-sufficient. Should a power supply not be available on site, A1 Kiwi can easily provide generators, and petrol or electric hydraulic power packs to keep the job as simple as possible for our clients.

Deep Drilling

A1 Kiwi Cutters have both the experience and equipment to core drill holes in excess of 25 metres deep.
Deep drilling can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Seismic strengthening of structures
  • Test cores
  • Structural drainage and service penetrations
  • Strengthening of bridges and walls.
  • Deconstruction and structural modification of dams