Meet Will


Will came to us back in 2014 with no experience in the concrete cutting or drilling industry.  He worked very closely for the first 6 months with one of our more senior operators and proved to be a fast and capable learner.  Since then his knowledge and enthusiasm to learn has continued to grow and Will is now one of our ‘all rounder’s ‘with experience in splitting, hand sawing, wall sawing as well as specializing in drilling.

Working with such an array of tools and equipment is one of the main reasons he enjoys his job at Kiwi cutters, even though the jobs aren’t always pretty.  One of his most memorable experiences was when Will was assisting on a job which involved bar sawing an asbestos waste pipe – we can leave that up to your imagination but suffice to say, Will didn’t eat for nearly two days!  

On a personal level Will competes as a road racer on his bike and has won many racing series and cups to date.